Saturday, November 29, 2008

SNL Detroit Skit

Since we've been blogging about the proposed auto bailout, I wanted to post the SNL opening skit on the proposed bailout of the auto industry. Unfortunately, NBC did not post this skit on its site. I did find part of the skit, in case you missed it.


Although the skit is a tad harsh, it does bring home the message that the U.S. auto industry must address regarding the perception of lagging quality of automobiles produced by the Big 3. As I said before, this really is about cars. Over at the National Small Businesss Association (NSBA), 80% of respondents said "no" to an auto manufacturer bailout. Without convincing Congress that the manufacturers have a solid plan, a bailout seems unlikely. Either the auto manufacturers will find a way through without federal help, or bankruptcy seems more likely than ever.

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