Monday, March 4, 2013

Banks behaving badly: Evictions of Military Families

The New York Times today ran an article about banks foreclosing on the homes of deployed military families.  See, Banks Find More Wrongful Foreclosures Among Military Families.  The Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act provides protections to military service members on important financial issues, including evictions and mortgage foreclosures, which should have prevented many of the reported cases.  The SCRA is a key protection that perhaps needs further promotion to ensure that banks comply.



Unknown said...

The top 1% own 43% of America's wealth, the next 19% own 50% of America's wealth and the other 80% own SEVEN PERCENT of America's wealth. I think you may have forgotten to mention that in your little article.
Didn't forget to mention it, because it has nothing to do with who pays how much Federal income 2013 tax brackets.
2) The earners in the top income brackets are already taxed. The top 40% of income earnerspay more than anyone else does in taxes. The top 20% pay 65.3% and the top 10% pay 50% and the top 1% pay.

Tara said...

What frustrates me even more is the how the VA is backlogged with disability claims - it is therefore taking anywhere from 6 months - FOUR YEARS for veterans to get word on whether their disability claims have been even accepted and receive any money! So these, often poor, and disabled veterans are unable to get their benefits in anything that resembles a reasonable time frame. This isn't how we should be treating our veterans.