Friday, February 17, 2012

Can I pay a "reasonable price" please?

Sure, Article 2 applies to sales of goods. Sure, it provides a flexible approach to commercial transactions by facilitating deals where the parties have failed to provide all terms. Sure, open prices are filled with a "reasonable price." U.C.C. 2-305. I tell my students the virtues of the reasonable price as a saver of deals where the parties just never get around to deciding. After all, who could complain about paying a reasonable price and what seller would complain about receiving one?

So, here's a toast to the reasonable price. The price of the Friday night libation has surely gotten out of hand. Apparently, a Boston lawyer complained at a Cheesecake Factory about the price of a Margarita, which was not disclosed and the waitress could not provide the actual price. (See ABA Journal). This, of course, comes on the heels of the shocked restaurant patron who received a bill for a $275 spaghetti dinner in New York. (See, New York Times).

The sobering reality is that the Cheesecake Factory will now post prices in advance. A wonderful development for those who don't like to be shocked by the bill at the end of the evening. Otherwise, the reasonable price would seem to be all that is due.


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