Thursday, June 23, 2011

CALI Conference in Milwaukee

For the next couple of days I am at the CALI Conference in Milwaukee. The theme of the conference is "Unbound," focusing on e-books, social media and electronic resources. I will be presenting tomorrow on Cali's E-Langdell program that is starting to make available electronic casebooks to law students that are free and available in a number of formats.

The first session is a mini-session with a group of speakers highlighting for 5-10 minutes the presentation they will make later. While many of us use social media in both personal and professional capacities, a session I will attend later was Rich Cure's pitch for student's use of social media to enrich their own learning when the classroom component fails to deliver or needs supplementation.

More later for sure. Hopefully, our students are using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to enrich their commercial law studies, but I wonder . . .


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