Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FED Introduces Credit Card Agreement Tool

After a relative lull in payment card regulation news over the past few months, cards are back front and center. The big news, of course, is that the financial reform bill passed by the Senate would limit debit card interchange rates and provide merchants more flexibility in steering customers toward various means of payment. More on that as the final legislation takes shape.
Today, I wanted to highlight the FED's credit card agreement tool. A little publicized provision of the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights required the FED to establish a website providing ready access to the credit card agreements of major issuers. In theory, such a tool would permit inexpensive comparison shopping. In reality, the website is of limited utility to consumers. The agreements are long and complex, making comparison shopping difficult for everyone and probably impossible for non-lawyers. In addition, very small card issuers are not included.
Still, the tool may be of use to consumer groups who could review the offerings and make recommendations to consumers in language that would be easier to understand.

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