Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confusing a Butt with a Face

Take a look at this funny story about a St. Louis teen in hot water for starting his own line of clothing in competition with North Face Apparel. The teen, Jimmy Winkelman, has marketed clothing under the name of "South Butt," making a whopping $4900 in annual revenue his first year. Despite the meager earnings of this 18 year old's company, North Face Apparel has threatened to sue. Albert Watkins, attorney for Winkelman, commented: “North Face has indicated as a matter of record that the public will somehow be confused by the South Butt product,” Watkins said. “There appears to be little recognition, if any, that the savvy of consumers precludes anyone from confusing a face with a butt.”

Jimmy and his friends even have a web site and a marketing video:

While I have no idea how the intellectual property issues will play out, I have utmost respect for the budding entrepreneur. You go Jimmy!


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