Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Signs of a Troubled Airline

I am on the road this week looking for houses in Southern California, and one thing struck me on the plane ride. U.S. Air sold advertising space to Zicam on its fold down tables -- ALL OF THEM. Little billboards under your drink as you fly.  Is this just a smart allocation of space or signs of an Airline in trouble? Also slightly troubling, U.S. Air is now charging for WATER, soda, snacks, and of course spirits. I did not see a pay slot for the restroom but perhaps that innovation is not too far away. Are these things signs of desperation that might make you think twice about flying with that airline or is the airline efficiently using its assets.

Marc (MLR)

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps even more of an admission is the product advertised on the tray tables. Zicam is a product aimed at the germ-phobic among us (they're everywhere!), designed to curb the growth of cold viruses (say, in airplane restrooms and on tray tables) and boost production of infection-fighting substances. An unfortunate (except to lawyers) side-effect that has arisen with its spread (look out! vectors!) is anosmia and hyposmia (partial loss of smell). Maybe THAT's what USAir is really advocating here.