Thursday, January 15, 2009

Economic Trouble Hits the Little Blue Guys?

Photo by unfolded

This post is both silly and serious. On the silly side, I just couldn't resist noting that the W$J today announced that Smurfit-Stone has warned its lenders that it may seek bankruptcy. I can't see that name without thinking of the little blue guys of my youth (I had a small collection of the cute little characters). On the serious side, Smurfit is a sort of bellwether for the economy, as it produces cardboard boxes of every size and shape. When consumers stop buying things that go in boxes, companies like Smurfit are on the other end of the chain of businesses that suffer. When the pain reaches that far, we know we're really in serious economic trouble (as if that weren't clear already). Brace yourself for many more announcements like Smurfit's in coming months.

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