Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opportunity for Publishing for Commercial Law Profs

For those who didn't attend the Annual Conference in San Francisco or visit the CALI booth or simply haven't heard . . . CALI is also sponsoring fellowships in a program called ELangdell whereby professors submit proposals to CALI for law school text books and supplements and, if accepted, CALI publish the work as a digital e-book in multiple formats. CALI pays $500 per chapter to authors, but gives the books away for free to students. This is a great resource for students and professors in a time where book costs are very high and resources slim. CALI is hoping to both have a nice library of free books itself and, perhaps, to put market pressure on the main publishers regarding their pricing of e-books. Several books are in progress and the beta versions of Doug McFarland’s Civil Procedure text (6th edition) and a chapter on Ethics for Tax lawyers are already available. Other proposed texts are in process.

If you are interested in putting in a proposal for something in the Commercial Law area, contact Deb Quentel at CALI at The next round of proposals are due by February 2, 2011.


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