Monday, October 4, 2010

Piracy in Mexico takes a Different Twist

One of the aspects or piracy near the Gulf of Aden has been its lucrative commercial nature, the taking of cargo and hostages for ransom (see Fighting Piracy With Private Security Measures). The commercial nature of the piracy has often led to substantial ransoms paid with crews and cargo released afterwards. The possible favorable outcome for individuals lives has led to a sort of capitalistic approach by some pirates (See Ploch, Piracy Off the Horn of Africa). The protocol of piracy off Africa certainly affects the response of governments to the problem of piracy there.

This weekend, though, drug cartel pirates in Mexico killed a jet-skier on a border lake (See, jet-skier and Fox News, Pirates). While this new hot-spot of piracy surely affects businesses on the ground where customers steer clear of the area, it also serves as a reminder of the brutal nature of piracy and that is not a "business"). Pirates, historically, are the enemy of the human race - hostes humani generis - posing a longtime threat to shipping and commerce. The violence in Mexico-U.S. waters is a reminder.


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