Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toys R Us to Feature FAO Schwarz

Something to expect this holiday season, Toys R Us will now feature FAO Schwarz boutiques. See Toys R Us to Feature. When FAO went out of business, Toys R Us bought the rights to the name and now intends to use it in about 600 of its stores. Not only will there be in-store purchasing, but there is a website (fao.com) and a holiday catalogue coming. The concept, of course, is to offer different toys that aren't otherwise available. Yes, the prices may be higher in a year that consumers might be looking to cut back a bit. Toys R Us has bought up a number of other brands of late (eToys.com, babyuni- verse.com and the resource site ePregnancy.com). Always on the lookout for fun toys for my own kiddos, I found a set of World of Eric Carl Bath Squirty Toys that my boys will love. And, priced at just $7.99, very reasonable.

Happy shopping!


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