Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Are Credit Card Issuers Undermining the Economy?

Photo by SqueakyMarmot

More evidence that the financial sector is squandering the hard-won rescue funds from Congress: Not only are banks not lending to rejuvenate business, especially to the small-business backbone of the American economy, they're making existing loans rapaciously expensive for good borrowers. This can have no other effect than to drag down our struggling economy further. The story linked above observes that the banks' lame excuse for raising rates on small businesses and individuals is a vague reference to "economic reasons." What reasons? That the banks need more money from good risks because they've so messed up their investments in bad risks? I can't believe Congress hasn't jumped on this kind of thing more aggressively . . . yet.

The idea of nationalizing the banking sector is sounding better and better. The W$J reported yesterday that regulators have become more involved in internal strategy for struggling Citigroup. Perhaps this (and the FDIC's role in managing IndyMac's troubled mortgage portfolio) will be a model for the future. Even if you believe that "Socialism" is bad, some form of level-headed government oversight HAS to be better than the foolishness we're seeing from these banks.


Anonymous said...

nationalize the banking system? are you joking? go back to school and take some economics courses before writing that kind of garbage.

Jason Kilborn said...

It was a joke. Get a sense of humor before posting comments like this. :-) Get some guts, while you're at it, and post your name. ;-)