Monday, October 20, 2008

Commercial Law Welcomes Brooke Overby as Guest Blogger

Commercial Law is pleased to welcome A. Brooke Overby as a guest blogger. Overby is a professor of law at Tulane University Law School where she teaches Payment Systems, Consumer Transactions, Contracts, Real Estate Transactions and Sales. Her recent articles focus on various aspects of the uniform laws process in the United States, comparative consumer protection, and the relationship of international commercial norms to domestic American law. Her newest article, Allocation of Check Kiting Losses Under the UCC, Regulation CC, and the Bankruptcy Code: Reconciling the Standards, will appear in the Wake Forest Law Review. This article identifies potential conflicts under existing law that allow check kiting to persist and advocates a reexamination of Regulation CC's operation in such cases.

We welcome Brooke's insights on Article 4 doctrine and other issues.


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